The making of a cyanotype

Here are the illustrated stages of the cyanotype process and taking for example the making of the People in the Glitch in cyanotype

1. The material:  a scale, the chemicals, ammonium iron citrate and potassium ferrucyanide, water, a brush and paper.

2. The paper coated with the photosensitve product.

3. The image to print, in this case it’s a positive. The image will be inverted as a result . Usually we will use a negative and we can also do by placing objects, shapes, etc directly on the paper (photogram).

4. After being exposed in UV light in an the exposure unit, for about 3 mins and before being rised in running water.

5. Cyanotype being rised in running water. To wash of all the yellow from it and to fix the image.


6. The cyanotype is dry. That’s it.

To know more:
What is a cyanotype?



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